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If you are fed up with your spouse and ready for a new lease on life, a divorce may be just what you need. But if you are not pre­pared for the reper­cus­sions that divorce brings, you may end in a pickle. There are three very impor­tant ques­tions that you will want to ask your­self before march­ing into divorce court. First of all, ask whether or not you can pay the debts you have by your­self? Mar­i­tal assets are gen­er­ally split in half through equi­table distribution.

This means that if your spouse has debt, you will need to take half. If you have debt, then you spouse will take half. This includes all expenses like stu­dent loans and mort­gages. Even if you have half the debt that you used to, you will still have pay it on a sin­gle income, rather than dou­ble income. If you don’t think you’ll be able to han­dle this, then you will want to care­fully con­sider whether or not it is worth it to pur­sue your divorce.

As well, you will want to ask your­self whether or not you should sell your home. If you own your house jointly with your spouse, you may run into com­pli­ca­tions when divid­ing the prop­erty. In a lot of cases, divorced spouses will sell the house and divide the profit. In some cases, the house may be more of a bur­den than an asset. For exam­ple, if you owe more on the house than it is even worth, you may be hop­ing you won’t be issued the house as a part of your divorce set­tle­ment. You will want to think about how to deal with a house in the event of a divorce to make sure that you are mak­ing the right decision.

The last ques­tion that you need to ask is whether or not you can afford to be a sin­gle par­ent. If you have chil­dren, then you will need to raise them with­out your spouse in the home to help. While you may end up co- parenting, this is not the same as a tra­di­tional, mar­ried fam­ily. You will want to care­fully con­sider whether or not you are finan­cially capa­ble of being a sin­gle par­ent. You may be able to obtain spousal sup­port and alimony from your ex- spouse, but they may not be enough. Care­fully think through these costs before you con­tact a divorce attor­ney to pur­sue a split.

With an accom­plished divorce attor­ney on your side, you will have the wise coun­cil you need to orga­nize an effec­tive divorce. You will want to care­fully out­line what finan­cial pay­ments you want to receive, and then go over your mar­i­tal assets and divide them equally and fairly. Talk to a Florida divorce attor­ney at Reyes Miller Law if you have ques­tions about fil­ing for divorce.

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