Reyes Miller Law

We are a Fam­ily and Crim­i­nal Law Firm with offices in Miami and Boca Raton, serv­ing clients from Gainesville to the Florida Keys.

Our attor­neys include for­mer pros­e­cu­tors and medi­a­tors, which allows us to cre­ate the right strat­egy for your case. There are times when an aggres­sive posi­tion is what is best in your case which is where are our expe­ri­ence as trial attor­neys serves you best. And then there are other times when the best approach is to nego­ti­ate a set­tle­ment. We know the dif­fer­ence. At Reyes Miller we com­bine our skills as trial lawyers AND medi­a­tors to cre­ate a strat­egy that works uniquely for you and your spe­cific needs.

Peo­ple often make the mis­take of rep­re­sent­ing them­selves with­out know­ing what their rights or options are. Miami JusticeIt is ulti­mately less expen­sive both finan­cially and emo­tion­ally to cre­ate what you really want the first time around. Whether you are plan­ning on get­ting mar­ried or divorced, please call us before you take your next step.

From prenup­tial agree­ments to divorce, restrain­ing orders to pater­nity, from DUIs to Homi­cides, we can answer your ques­tions and han­dle your case, pro­fes­sion­ally and efficiently.

When it comes to legal mat­ters, remem­ber that the Best Advice is to Seek Advice.