Pater­nity is Father­hood

Every child deserves to have a legal father. When you estab­lish pater­nity, you iden­tify the legal father of the child. Pater­nity gives rights and ben­e­fits to the mother, the father and the child.
Some of the rights and ben­e­fits for the child are:
• Infor­ma­tion on fam­ily med­ical his­tory
• The child knows who their father is
• The father’s name is on the birth cer­tifi­cate
• Health or life insur­ance from either par­ent, if avail­able
• Sup­port from both par­ents, like child sup­port and med­ical sup­port
• Get Social Secu­rity or veteran’s ben­e­fits, mil­i­tary allowances and inheritances.

Pater­nity gives both par­ents the legal right to:

• Get a child sup­port order
• Get a court order for vis­i­ta­tion or cus­tody
• Have a say in legal deci­sions about the child